Does Lautenberg live in New Jersey or New York? His aide gives mixed signals

Where does Frank Lautenberg live? If you ask the four-term Senator, he’ll say in his Cliffside Park condo. But others – not just his rivals – say that when he’s not in Washington, he spends most of his nights at his wife’s New York City apartment. On May 12, Lautenberg’s office dismissed a report that the concierge at Lautenberg’s apartment said the Senator’s office sends a staffer to pick up his mail each week. He picks up his mail himself at the mailroom at his apartment building,” said Dan Katz, Lautenberg’s Chief of Staff, told “When? When he gets there back from Washington at the end of the work week when we are in session or when he is already there when Senate is in recess.”

But Katz contradicted himself today when he told The Record that Eleanore Rigolosi will continue as Lautenberg’s personal assistant (her husband, former Bergen County Democratic Chairman Victor Rigolosi, resigned as Treasurer of Lautenberg’s political action committee yesterday after published reports of legal problems that led to his disbarment), and would perform tasks like “picking up the mail at his Cliffside Park apartment.”

Today, Katz told that he never told The Record reporter Jeff Pillets that Rigolosi picks up the mail from the Lautenberg apartment. And Lautenberg, at an event accepting a major union endorsement, told that he picks up his own mail and has slept at his Cliffside Park apartment for the last seven nights. Does Lautenberg live in New Jersey or New York? His aide gives mixed signals