DSC goes after Myers

In the no holds barred contest for the 3rd district Republican congressional nomination, the Chris Myers campaign said today that they have proof that their candidate is winning against rival Jack Kelly: Democrats are attacking Myers.

Myers’s camp today issued a press release along with a copy of a mailer the Democrat State Committee sent to Republican primary voters that notes that Myers, the mayor of Medford Township, missed a quarter of his town council votes, and that he voted to raise taxes in the town.

That’s an attack frequently aired by Myers’s Republican opponent, Ocean County Freeholder Jack Kelly.

Myers spokesman Chris Russell said that Democrat John Adler, who’s sitting on a huge campaign war chest, would rather face Kelly in the general election than Myers.

“The Corzine-Adler Trenton Democrats are afraid, and they should be” said Russell. “They know that when voters in Ocean County, Burlington County and Cherry Hill compare Chris Myers’ record as a job-creating businessman and decorated combat veteran versus John Alder’s background as failed, tax and spend Trenton politician, John Adler is in a world of trouble and all the money in the world won’t save him.”

Democrats responded that Myers record on the Medford Townsihp council is fair game.

"If Mr.Myers sees legitimate criticism of his record as some type of badge of honor,it shows how distorted his perspective is and how wrong he is on the issues," said Democratic State Committee spokesman Richard McGrath in a statement. "Hisdefensive overreactionand all the infighting among the Republicans is more evidence that they have deeply-flawed candidateswith nothing positive to offer the voters. If hereallyunderstoodthe needs of the voters he would be directing his indignation to Washington Republicans where the real blame belongs and where real change is needed." DSC goes after Myers