Elsewhere: Advice From Dukakis, Killing the Peace Bridge

Hillary Clinton, in Florida, makes a very loud call to seat all the delegates.

Michael Dukakis offers advice to Barack Obama. 

John McCain is meeting with three possible V.P. candidates this week. 

Sheldon Silver is training volunteers for petitioning. 

Joe Addabbo is having a May 29 fund-raiser on Madison Avenue for his State Senate campaign. 

State Senator Neil Breslin of Albany is reportedly going to endorse David Soares

Daniel Wiese wants his job back. 

The partnership between the city and private schools on Randalls Island is now even more convoluted

Kos readers take on a small town paper with a controversial Obama cover; the publisher of that paper says he won’t be swayed by "liberal blogger thuggery."

Buffalo Pundit thinks it’s time to just give up on the Peace Bridge between New York and Canada. 

Although he is neither challenged nor seeking higher office, Marty Golden is fund-raising, and well.

Local blogs are rejoicing over the miraculous rescue of an East Village church by an anonymous donor. Elsewhere: Advice From Dukakis, Killing the Peace Bridge