Elsewhere: Clinton's Plans, Bruno's Future

Hillary Clinton is making travel plans for after the end of the primaries.

Chuck Hagel’s wife donated to Barack Obama.

Although he’s been vague about his plans for the future, Joe Bruno is having petitions printed.

The issue of how many votes Bruno has in the legislature came up again today.

Another controversial pastor associated with Obama?

Bill Thompson says the city will lose 85,000 jobs.

The McCain campaign is keeping up pressure on Obama to visit Iraq.

A Washington Post reporter thinks the Secret Service would never let Obama and John McCain travel to Iraq together.

McCain canceled his schedule for tomorrow due to a cold.

Obama commented on the soaring number of suicides among U.S. troops.

State Senator Andrew Lanza is not running for Vito Fossella’s seat.

Andrew Cuomo is suing the E.P.A.

McCain is skipping a vote on a landmark bill that would reduce greenhouse gases.

Bill de Blasio is having a June 18 fund-raiser for his Brooklyn borough president campaign.

Governor’s Island opens this weekend.

The Staten Island Advance captures some heated moments at the county Democratic Party meeting.

The city is shutting down some West Village establishments because of "unsanitary conditions" resulting from last weekend’s flooding.

The bike commuter beat the subway and car commuters this morning.

La Scala is making an opera out of An Inconvenient Truth. Really.

The M.T.A. took the E-ZPass away from its board members.

Elsewhere: Clinton's Plans, Bruno's Future