Elsewhere: Conceding West Virginia, Honoring Vietnam Vets

The Obama campaign is focusing on states that will be competitive in the general election.

Terry McAuliffe says Hillary Clinton is in it until June 3.

Minnesota Governor (and McCain campaign co-chair) Tim Pawlenty makes a sort of funny joke that is drawing criticism.

Lynn Sweet thinks today Barack Obama "just about conceded" West Virginia, which holds its primary tomorrow.

Obama gains three more superdelegates.

Obama criticizes the people (hippies!) who didn’t honor Vietnam vets, and, as Jonathan Martin notes, he kills two birds with one stone in the process.

Obama talks to Jeffrey Goldberg about Israel and Jewish angst.

Clinton is up more than 2:1 in Kentucky, according to a new poll.

Jim Tedisco’s petition for a gas-tax holiday in New York State is now online.

Fred Dicker gets a new number two.

Diane Cardwell looks up the word "maintain" and finds out it may not mean what Michael Bloomberg thinks it means.

Anthony Weiner’s bill would make it easier for foreign models to work in the U.S., which irks Peter Steve King, who thinks American modeling shouldn’t be outsourced.

Ben stirs things up by floating the Hillary-for-mayor of New York idea, and gets Ed Koch to say he doesn’t think she could win that race.

Michael Bloomberg’s company just hired Norm Pearlstine, a former editor of Wall Street Journal and Time, Inc., to seek "growth opportunities for its television, radio, magazine and online products."

Vito Fossella nails down the late-night vote.

"Donovan for Congress" has a nice ring to it.


To continue our campaign video-themed day, here’s City Council candidate Alfonso Quiroz of Jackson Heights showing off the parcel of land he adopted.

Ron Paul bites the hand that feeds him.

And Staten Island Republicans are interviewing congressional candidates on May 21 at the Manor House. [added]

Elsewhere: Conceding West Virginia, Honoring Vietnam Vets