Elsewhere: D.N.C. for Obama, Sabini Fund-Raises

The D.N.C. comes to Barack Obama‘s defense. 

The R.N.C. is pressuring Obama to visit Iraq.

The Obama campaign says he isn’t interested in visiting Iraq with John McCain.

An upstate blogger (and organizer) reflects on Obama’s experience as a community organizer.

McCain may have rejected John Hagee’s endorsement, but ally Joe Lieberman is still going to speak at a conference hosted by the controversial minister. 

There may be a way to sort-of legitimize the awarding of "uncommitted" Michigan delegates to Obama.

The A.P. wonders if John Kerry wants to be secretary of state. 

Eric Massa, an upstate congressional candidate, supports Jim Webb‘s G.I. Bill.

NYRA is a little concerned about what David Paterson told Fred Dicker this morning.

State Senator John Sabini, recently passed over for endorsement by the Queens County Democratic Party, is fund-raising.

The din about M.T.A. board members with lifetime, complementary EZ-Pass is getting louder. 

The potential "rocket train" leads Gothamist to speculate that "this could be the beginning of a new era for rails." 

Coney Island bar Ruby’s was closed again by the health department after someone fell through the floor last weekend.

The Democratic Senate fight in New Jersey is pulling Newark Democrats (further) apart. Scott McClellan broke Ari Fleischer’s heart

Elsewhere: D.N.C. for Obama, Sabini Fund-Raises