Elsewhere: Low Expectations, Favorite Earmarks

Hillary Clinton "has been effective in setting the bar low" for expectations about her performance in the primaries tomorrow, writes Klaus Marr.

She attacked Barack Obama over his opposition to her plan for a gas-tax holiday in a last-minute ad.

Here’s the ad Obama responded with.

Liz notes the Bayh-drop in one of Clinton’s senate press releases today.

Obama is drawing voters with Stevie Wonder tonight.

Two potential successors to Joe Bruno have huge increases in member-item spending this year.

A blogger at Rochester Turning wants to know what your favorite state earmark is.

Robert Harding posts the contents of his F.O.I.L. of state legislators’ travel expenses.

Michael Bloomberg has kind words for Vito Fossella.

At Curbed, Joey gets into the plans for the racino at the Aqueduct in Queens, which he says David Paterson, Sheldon Silver and Bruno will ultimately choose between.

The state lawyer accused of having a no-show job resigned.

Jeanine Pirro really is getting a TV show.

The city wants to drop the requirement that the buildings commissioner be an architect or engineer.

Tom Suozzi, who no longer seems like he’s retiring from politics, is hosting a celebration of the 60th anniversary of Israel.

Beth Reinhard joins Azi on the Google-ad beat.

Dave Mejias is not running for State Senate.

Former state assemblyman and surrogate judge Frank Seddio is featured in a full-page ad about discount mortgages.

Local blogs are universally outraged over a painted turtle that has appeared in Williamsburg.

Also: What has Ben done with all the other Politico reporters?

Elsewhere: Low Expectations, Favorite Earmarks