Elsewhere: Now?

John Edwards endorsed Barack Obama.

The D.N.C. announced a joint fund-raising agreement with both Democratic campaigns.

Cherie Blair praises Chelsea Clinton in her new book.

Joe Klein says Joe Lieberman is the new Zell Miller.

Clinton defended Obama against attacks from McCain.

She also said that Charlie Rangel was right when he said that her comments about white Americans were "the dumbest thing she could have said."

Obama called a reporter "sweetie."

Congressman Tom Davis spelled Obama’s first name wrong repeatedly in a report.

Liz reports that an Albany bill signing ceremony turned awkward today.

Because of Vito Fossella’s troubles, the Working Families Party is postponing interviewing candidates for that seat.

State Senate Democrats are pushing for a foreclosure moratorium.

Congestion pricing opponent Hakeem Jeffries is demanding more G trains, Streetsblog notes bitterly.

The City Council overrode Bloomberg’s veto on e-waste legislation.

Christine Quinn is still with Clinton.

NYC Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe discusses changes in playground regulations, and notes, "Kids will have fun with a stick and pile of dirt."

Here’s video of State Senator Eric Schneiderman explaining his support for "taxing the wealthy New Yorkers."

A Vanity Fair writer interviews a Vanity Fair columnist about an Eliot Spitzer-inspired article–in Vanity Fair.

Elsewhere: Now?