Elsewhere: Wrapping Up the Race, Placing Blame

Hillary Clinton expects things to start wrapping up next week.

John McCain said troops in Iraq were down to pre-surge levels, and the Obama campaign pounced.

Ben thinks McCain’s defense–he says the Obama campaign is parsing the verb tense of his comments–has “potentially wide future use.”

Dana Rubinstein interviews Upper East Siders displaced by the crane collapse.

The crane collapse could affect OSHA.

The Brooklyn G.O.P. chair is wary of the Staten Island G.O.P.’s congressional candidate.

Jonathan Martin doesn’t think much of Susan Sarandon’s pledge.

Jeffrey Goldberg interviews McCain.

There are some report of “apathy” among voters in Puerto Rico.

Newsweek interviews one of the women who is organizing to protest the D.N.C. meeting tomorrow.

A group called the Alliance Defense Fund, based out of Arizona, says they are going to file a lawsuit against David Paterson‘s gay marriage order.

Preservationists protested at City Hall this morning.

Jon Corzine’s press secretary departs.

The Department of City Planning unveils its plan for Gowanus rezoning.

The Department of Investigations is watching the City Council really closely.

Upstate Democratic state senators, unite!

In the comments section, Satch discusses the political scene in Manhattan.

Elsewhere: Wrapping Up the Race, Placing Blame