Emperor’s Club Case, S.E.C. for Obama, Defining ‘Maintain’

The U.S. Attorney’s office says there will be action in the case against the prostitution ring patronized by Eliot Spitzer today. [AP]

Three former S.E.C. Chairmen will endorse Barack Obama today. [WSJ]

Mario Cuomo favors a joint Obama-Clinton ticket. [Liz]

So does Ed Rendell. [CNN]

A new study shows there may be significant health risks from living near Indian Point nuclear plant. [Stamford Advocate]

The Brennan Center’s Andrew Stengel and Beth Foster have an op-ed about the ethical issues that arise when a politician still in office lets a school or other institution be named for them. [Daily News]

The effort to define the word "maintain" continues. [Spin Cycle]

Truckers are displeased that David Paterson has banned them from some rural roads. [Land Line]

This site has collected every U.S. presidential campaign logo for the last 50 years. [Logoblink] Emperor’s Club Case, S.E.C. for Obama, Defining ‘Maintain’