Endless Primary, Utica on Paterson

The Obama campaign spent more than the $31 million it raised last month. [Political Wire

The United Mine Workers union endorsed Obama. [R.C.P. Blog]

Clinton pollster Geoff Garin suggests the campaign could go on beyond June 3. [The Page]

The Utica Observer-Dispatch editorial board asks David Paterson to visit. [O.D.]

The Obama campaign hired Linda Douglass of the National Review. [Ambinder]

Apparently, there’s a remedial investigation going on of the former Fulton Manufacturing Plant, which is now under a playground. [Gowanus Lounge]

The Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance "is looking ahead to the 2009 elections in New York City in an effort to make waterways an important part of the political dialogue." [Queens Gazette] Endless Primary, Utica on Paterson