Enhanced I.D., Stockpiling Superdelegates

David Paterson announced a state partnership with the federal government to make "enhanced" I.D. cards. [N.Y.S. Governor]

Robert Harding thinks it’s a good move for those who can’t afford passports. [The Albany Project]

Liz notes the careful wording of the the press release about the I.D. cards, which were part of a controversy for Eliot Spitzer. [Daily Politics]

Harry Corbitt is sworn in as the superintendent of the state police, says he’s never heard of a rogue unit. [Albany Watch]

People aren’t riding city buses. [All Ways N.Y.]

Al Gore’s company is going to Bryant Park. [The Real Estate]

Marc Ambinder reports, "[A]s many as three dozen Democratic superdelegates have privately pledged to announce their support for Obama on June 4 or 5." [Atlantic]

Barack Obama is polarizing too, now. [Ben]

John McCain’s speech is interrupted by anti-war protesters. [Washington Wire]

Despite trailing in the late stages of his Senate primary against Frank Lautenberg, Rob Andrews is still managing to get some endorsements. [PolitickerNJ] Enhanced I.D., Stockpiling Superdelegates