Ex-Governor takes sides in Burlco GOP battle

This one is interesting: former Governor Christine Todd Whitman and the Republican Leadership Council (RLC) is taking sides in the Republican primary for Burlington County Clerk and Freeholder. Whitman is backing Lauri Sheppard for County Clerk, and Jon Shevelew and Debbie Sarcone for Freeholder. The three are challenging the candidates backed by the powerful Burlington County Republican organization, which is run by two onetime Whitman allies, County Chairman Bill Layton and the de facto party leader, Glenn Paulsen.

Layton and Paulsen have been feuding with State Sen. Diane Allen.

Joining Whitman in taking sides in the Burlington Clerk/Freeholder primaries was John Danforth, a former three-term United States Senator from Missouri and the former United States Ambassador to the United Nations. Ex-Governor takes sides in Burlco GOP battle