Another brilliant time-waster from our friend the Internet

No doubt fans of the 1998 Coen brothers film The Big Lebowski (in which camp we put ourselves) are obsessive — the film has made bowling cool and spawned an annual Lebowski Fest. So naturally, we were suckers for the “Fanboy Supercuts, Obsessive Video Montages” post on the blog — the brainchild of journalist and programmer Andy Baio.

He’s created a post that’s not just for Big Lebowski fans. On the site, you’ll find links to dozens of video and audio clips — mainly from TV shows and films — highlighting utterances of a word or a phrase or, in one case, every intake of breath during one hour of NPR’s All Things Considered.

But while we enjoyed watching every single whacking from The Sopranos and all of the curses from the first three episodes of Deadwood, our favorites are the two Big Lebowski video montages. One features every “dude” and the other every F-bomb. The result is nothing short of hilarious.

WATCH every F-bomb from The Big Lebowski (not necessarily workplace-friendly)

WATCH every “dude” from The Big Lebowski

VISIT “Fanboy Supercuts, Obsessive Video Montages” (not necessarily workplace-friendly)

SEARCH for more information on “Fanboy Supercuts, Obsessive Video Montages”

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Another brilliant time-waster from our friend the Internet