Fidler Standing Behind Recchia

City Councilman Mike McMahon, who is running for the congressional seat Vito Fossella is vacating, was endorsed last night by the Staten Island Democratic Party.

Since most of the district is in Staten Island, county support makes McMahon the leading Democrat in the race. But two others–City Councilman Domenic Recchia and Steve Harrison, both of Brooklyn–were running Democratic primary campaigns before Fossella’s arrest.

There’s been some speculation that Recchia, who is the best-funded candidate in the race at the moment, won’t stay in the race. Councilman Lew Fidler of Brooklyn, however, isn’t going to count Recchia out yet.

“If Domenic Recchia was good enough for us to support before Vito Fossella’s problems had surfaced, he’s good enough to be supported now and I think he would be a terrific congressman,” Fidler said. “Until Domenic tells me he’s not in the race, I’m with him 110 percent.”

Fidler doesn’t think much of an argument Harrison is making: the Brooklyn attorney says that since he was the Democratic nominee for Fossella’s seat in 2006, he should be supported this time.

Fidler called Harrison’s comments “pretty immature.”

Recchia has not spoken publicly about the race yet, and the voice mail on his cell phone was full. Fidler Standing Behind Recchia