Garrett wants House Republicans to sign on to “action plan”

Politico reports that New Jersey’s own Rep. E. Scott Garrett has joined another congressman in formulating an “action plan” for Republicans in this year’s general election.

Fearing an electoral rout, Garrett and Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas), both members of the Republican Study Conference (RSC), started circulating a petition yesterday to get the Republicans to hold a special meeting to vote on their plan for House Republicans’ reelection efforts.

The report says that the plan involves ending earmarks, streamlining the tax code and calling for increased oil exploration, and cites an RSC document released Wednesday that reads:

“Americans are angry. They are mad each time they fill their gas tanks. They get madder when they visit a doctor and can’t afford to pay the bill. They get angrier on pay-day when they see more taken out of their paycheck to fund a federal government that is entirely dysfunctional. And their anger boils over as they watch politicians in Washington point fingers at each other, launch politically motivated investigations,waste money on wasteful pork barrel spending, and reward special interests over the national interest—while consistently failing to provide solutions to the real problems that they face each day." Garrett wants House Republicans to sign on to “action plan”