Goow campaign focused in Ward 2

PATERSON – The campaign of Councilman Aslon Goow reported good GOTV efforts as around 500 voters across the 2nd Ward turned out to vote as of this afternoon.

"We're strong in our areas, including the Hillcrest neighborhood and the senior buildings," said Goow campaign spokesman Ryan Yacco.

Goow is trying to fend off Elizabeth Rosado, wife of former Councilman Jerry Luis Rosado and an ally of Mayor Jose "Joey" Torres.

Mason contractor John Larko is also challenging.

Based in the southern section of the ward, Rosado's campaign stood up a campaign headquarters in Goow's northern neighborhood, very close to the two-term councilman's headquarters.

They had a grand opening weeks ago and then kept it mostly closed.

But it'smanned today with Rosado campaign workers, trying to drive GOTV efforts in the operational heart of Goow territory. Goow campaign focused in Ward 2