HBO's Recount Off to Sluggish Start

HBO’s smart, new, original movie "Recount," about the contested 2000 presidential election in Florida, may be a hit with critics but according to the Hollywood Reporter it has yet to catch on with HBO subscribers.

From the Hollywood Reporter article:

The Sunday night premiere of its much-discussed original movie covering the 2000 presidential election fiasco was seen by modest number of viewers when compared to the network’s other high-profile projects.

"Recount" was seen by 1 million HBO subscribers, which is on par with the network’s last film, February’s lesser-known Susan Sarandon telepic "Bernard and Doris."

Compared to recent HBO movie titles that received considerable media attention,"Recount" fares worse — 1.9 million watched the first airing of last year’s historical epic "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" and 1.5 million watched Queen Latifah in last year’s "Life Support." The premiere of the March miniseries "John Adams" was seen by 2.5 million.

HBO's Recount Off to Sluggish Start