Hiring Lawyers

Just now, the City Council’s top lawyer sent out a memo outlining the rules by which the city will pay the legal fees for City Council members and staffers. That’s something they may be interesting in doing, now that federal prosecutors are investigating the slush fund scandal at City Hall. Those bills could be expensive. The firm Christine Quinn already hired for this probe costs $450 an hour.  

From the memo: 

As a general matter, Council Members and Council employees will be provided with representation if the following prerequisites are met:

  • The USAO [United State Attorney’s Office] has requested a meeting with a Council Member or Council employee. 
  • Legal representation is sought in connection with conduct taken by a Council Member or employee within the scope of the member’s functions as a Council Member or within the scope of an employee’s employment;
  •  The Council Member or employee cooperates fully with the Council’s internal investigation;
  • The Council Member or employee gives truthful and complete responses to any questions posed to the Council Member or employee by the Council or by investigatory agencies; and 
  • The Council Member or employee did not engage in intentional wrongdoing.
Hiring Lawyers