Holbrooke on Obama, Owens on Clarke

Richard Holbrooke, a major Clinton supporter, says the Democratic nominee “almost certainly will be Barack Obama.” [National Post]

Bill Clinton’s autobiography seems to contradict Hillary Clinton’s characterization of when he secured the nomination. [Political Wire]

Virginia Governor Mark Warner is telling people he is under consideration as a running mate for Obama, reports Bob Novak. [Sun-Times]

Jimmy Carter expects the superdelegates will make their intentions known shortly after June 3. [Reuters]

Gatemouth has a question for John McCain. [Room 8]

Would Obama and McCain actually visit Baghdad together? [The Stump]

Dan Janison wonders about the political implication of David Paterson’s eye surgeries. [Spin Cycle]

Chris Owens tells Liz there was nothing personal about the Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats declining to endorse Yvette Clarke. [Daily Politics]

BrooklynRon still thinks Clarke may have some trouble at home. [BrooklynRon]

Michael Bloomberg will open the first annual World Science Festival at Columbia University tomorrow. [Business Week]

Bill Thompson marches not far from Bloomberg in a parade yesterday. [YouTube]

Is getting “barracked” a good thing or a bad thing? [Vermont Daily Briefing] Holbrooke on Obama, Owens on Clarke