Lost Gets Profane in Print

Lost writers are total pottymouths! The Los Angeles Times got their hands on the scripts and apparently the f-bomb has been blowing up the dialogue. Why so angry, guys? This is network TV!

“That’s the style of the show,” explained co-creator Damon Lindelof. “It started out with the outlines of the pilot. It just became a way of expressing intensity. One of the inherent problems in the show is if it’s just people sitting around the beach or walking through the jungle, you don’t feel there are any stakes or intensity. But if somebody’s walking through the [expletive] jungle or [expletive] Sawyer is walking through the [expletive] jungle, it projects a certain level of intensity that the actors read and go, “I’m playing this with some intensity as opposed to just sitting around.”

What do the actors think? Um, it’s totally awesome, of course!

Jorge Garcia, who plays the affable Hurley, said he got a kick out of the spicy language that serves as an inside joke of sorts.

“They put them in parenthesis so we know not to say them,” Garcia said. “But they want that feeling. There’s a lot of f-words and a lot of ranting. In the directions, you’ll see stuff like, ‘Are we gonna go there? OH YEAH, WE’RE GONNA GO THERE AND IT’S GONNA BE AWESOME!’ " Sometimes it feels like it’s being narrated by a NASCAR announcer. That’s the ‘Lost’ we get to watch.”

See, that’s the Lost we’d like to watch too! Also, more sweaty sex scenes. Lost Gets Profane in Print