In Maspeth, Two Council Candidates and One Protest

Just because you send out a media advisory about a protest doesn’t mean the event is yours. That’s what City Council candidate Elizabeth Crowley learned on Saturday when she and a handful of Maspeth residents protesting a noisy bar in the neighborhood found themselves joined by one of Crowley’s rivals in the June 3 special election.

Crowley and the rival, Anthony Como, circled one another and quietly vied for the attention of the handful of reporters who showed up.

At one point, Julia Levano, a mother of two living next to the bar, came out to speak with reporters.

For the record, she is a mom and pro-immigrant Democrat who isn’t bothered by Vito Fossella having a love child or by Eliot Spitzer patronizing hookers, who used to be a passionate supporter of Hillary Clinton, and who will likely vote for John McCain over Barack Obama. In Maspeth, Two Council Candidates and One Protest