Inside Stacey’s Pants Parlor

NAME: Stacey Bendet, 30

Alice + Olivia

LOCATION: A 41st-floor rental in the Atlas building on 38th Street (the former filming site of Project Runway) with floor-to-ceiling windows and panoramic views, two blocks from Ms. Bendet’s office off Bryant Park.

SHARES WITH: No one, though fiancé Eric Eisner (film producer; son of former Disney CEO Michael) has been allotted a bottom drawer in a dresser in the den. Their first baby is due in November.

ORGANIZING CREDO: “Some people switch over their closets from spring to fall, but I sort of always wear dresses, so I keep everything in here.”

DRESSING CREDO: “Pants to black-tie. A fancy dress to a bar on the Lower East Side. Eric always laughs ’cause I’ll show up in a gown to, like, dinner.”

NOTABLE FEATURE: A so-called “pant wall”; Ms. Bendet’s label is known for its trousers. “It’s kind of like an archive of every pant body we’ve ever made. On the top are some from the first year we ever made pants: stripes and tapestries and crazy brocade fabrics.”

FAVE FROCKS: Skin-tight brown YSL dress that ties around the neck, nabbed from the house’s former PR director, a friend. “It’s the sexiest thing. J.Lo wore it. It’s really stretchy. It’s sick. I wore it to some benefit, I don’t remember what.” And a green dress she designed: “I wore this to Eric’s brother’s wedding in Aspen. … It’s all pleated at the bottom and it kind of sits low and has this sexy body suit that goes with it. It was a cool Aspen dress, because it’s kind of organic and flowy, but it was still wedding-fancy.”

NOVELTY ITEM: Cashmere sweater emblazoned with the phrase “I’m not speaking to you until the next time we have sex.”

Inside Stacey’s Pants Parlor