Is That Much-Hyped $90 M. (or $100 M.) Listing at 15 CPW For Real?

Even if the prospect of a $100 million apartment sale in Manhattan isn’t wildly far-fetched, there are some good reasons to be skeptical about all the news lately on venture capitalist’s Lindsay Rosenwald’s 15 Central Park West spread.

On Sunday, The Times wrote that Dr. Rosenwald’s 5,870-square-foot duplex in the condo, which he bought for $30 million in April, has gotten "five or six calls from brokers, offering as much as $100 million for his apartment." But the source for that information is the owner himself, and the only other tidbit to back up his numbers is a story exchanged between brokers in which Dr. Rosenwald "was said to have been offered $85 million." We don’t hear who those brokers are.

On the one hand, anything is possible—remember the Bronfman brothers’ extraordinary flips last year—but, still, Dr. Rosenwald comes across as a man who wants to stir up excitement (and a lot of money) for his apartment. Even though he said he was happy in the building, consider that his only direct quote in the piece is, "The only thing in my life that is not for sale is my wife and my kids.”

So it makes sense that there’s news this morning that a Brown Harris Stevens broker, Janet Gifford, just sent out a memo saying that the place is coming on the market: “As of now, we are asking $90 million.”

The listing, which would be the biggest ever for an apartment in New York, hasn’t hit the Web yet. Ms. Gifford’s Web site says she doesn’t have any current properties on the market, and it doesn’t list any past deals she’s done at 15 Central Park West.

When asked about the two articles on Dr. Rosenwald, one of the top-grossing brokers in New York told The Observer: “He’s trying to drum up whatever he’s trying to drum up—trying to drum up some action.” Is That Much-Hyped $90 M. (or $100 M.) Listing at 15 CPW For Real?