SATC Tix Available From Local Scalper

The Sex and the City premiere countdown is in full swing (you can even download a widget that counts down the days). The New York Times wrote a story about ladies across the country, like, totally freaking out and practically pouring Cosmo mix into their stilettos, they’re so excited. And now the smarties over at money and culture site MainStreet are on Sex and the City Movie Ticket Scalper Watch! There are those poor souls on Craiglist, practically giving up their first child, or maybe their virginity, for tickets: “You know what I need. I want it now. If you can supply it, give me a call or email. The premiere date is coming [sic], dont [sic] let me down. Name your price, it will be paid.” On Monday, they found this ad, in which “Mary” was selling a pass to the Radio City Music Hall official premiere for $225. “[T]he stars of the film will be there so you get to meet the cast of Sex and The City!!!!!” That’s five-exclamation-points exciting! Another ad had tickets going for about $2,400. “I still have them since my e-mail box looks like a bidding war on e-bay [sic].” Press Your Luck, scalper! Big money! Big money! No whammies!

SATC  Tix Available From Local Scalper