The Believer Can Be So Mean/Nice! Right, David Cross?

Back in January, The Observer (okay, well, not the whole staff, just this reporter) profiled comedian and blogger whipping-boy David Cross. At the time, Mr. Cross had been caught up in a nasty spat with his so-called fans over his decision to take a role in Alvin and the Chipmunks. (“He’s digging his own grave, professionally,” wrote one of the more restrained commenters.)

“People genuinely don’t like me,” Mr. Cross told The Observer. “They find me arrogant and abrasive.” Well, not everyone, it seems.

In this month’s issue of The Believer (you know, the monthly magazine of book criticism and interviews put out by McSweeneys, of which Times ‘Style’ section profile subject Keith Gessen griped, “its overt criterion for inclusion is not expertise, but enthusiasm”) has figured out a novel way to interview the divisive Mr. Cross: Two interviews—one by someone who ‘loves’ him, one by someone who ‘hates’ him.

Opening question from Adam Bulger, aka, “the hater”:

I understand that you were angry, and [your 2000-2001 stand-up act] was a free-flowing of expression. And, I feel like a dick for saying it, but did you forget to write punch lines?

Opening question from Eric Spitznagel, aka, “the lover”:

When you say things like that about religion and government, it’s easy to compare you with Bill Hicks and Lenny Bruce.

Can you believe The Believer ran such a puff piece and/or such a hatchet job? In any case, do be kind to Mr. Cross in the comments: He may still have his Google Alerts enabled.


The Believer Can Be So Mean/Nice! Right, David Cross?