Jackson on Obama, Wright

Jesse Jackson told reporters in City Hall just now that Barack Obama’s denunciation of his former pastor, Rev. Wright was “a painful break he had to make.”

Jackson, who was here to raise awareness about the food crisis in Haiti, said “there is so much pain in this whole process” and that “it may be premature to get a reconciliation, but  at least we can have a cease fire and get back to the agenda items that matter most to the American people.”

When asked if Obama made the right move, Jackson said, “Of course.”

Jackson then said the Democratic Party has to come together after the primary in order to win the general election.

“Ironically, the loser of the primary will determine the winner in November,” said Jackson. “In 1968, when Humphrey and Johnson did not reconcile, it enabled Nixon to win. In 1980, when Kennedy and Carter coudl not reconcile, it enabled Reagan to win.”

Jackson on Obama, Wright