Kafton and company look to seal deal against the GOP

JACKSON – Team Kafton figured if they kept hitting the oppositionwith gypsy moths, taxes and Mayor Mark Seda's salary increase, they could beat incumbent GOP Councilwoman Emily Ingram and her running mates on Election Day.

In a few hours, they will learn the effectiveness of theirrepeated mail attack pieces coupled with five debate forums in which former Democratic Mayor Michael Kafton and his running mates kept pointing to Ingram's alliance with Seda.

"He's working the senior communities hard," campaign spokesman Pat Politano said of Kafton. "He's wandering everywhere. Mike's been all over town."

In the face of a well organized Ocean County Republican Organization behind Ingram and her team, Kaftonmust depend on senior votes towin. Low voter turnoutamong Jackson's sizeablesenior populationwill not be a good sign for the former mayor.

Perhaps in anticipationofthe Kafton campaign's efforts to communicate Ingram's ties to the mayor, Ingram and her allies put out a mailer depicting Kafton and his team as puppets of Gov. Jon Corzine.

But Politano says the all-Republican Ingramticket contrasts poorly with Kafton's ticket, whichincludes independent Republican Mike Reina as part of a good faith nod to blended government. Kafton and company look to seal deal against the GOP