Karrow demands Davy step down from education post

Assemblywoman Marcia Karrow today demanded that state Education Commissioner Lucille Davy resign from her post for not trying to recoup misspent money from Abbott school districts.

Responding to questions at a hearing last week, where auditors questioned the use of $83 million in state funds for the predominantly low-income, inner city schools, Davy said “We are not going backward to collect money.”

Davy also said that the state would not withhold funds for districts with questionable expenditures. In all, over half of the state’s education budget goes to Abbot districts.

Among the questionable expenditures, according to newspaper reports, were a $6,000 retreat to Atlantic City by the Irvington school board and a $1,716 flat screen television for an administrator’s office in Union City.

Karrow said that it was “unconscionable” that Davy would not try to recoup the money.

“If the DOE Commissioner is not going to hold accountable those responsible for this flagrant abuse of taxpayer money, then ultimately, she must be held responsible,” she said in a press release. “What good is an audit if we only expose the waste, but do nothing to recover the wasted money? It’s not acceptable to sweep this under the carpet as was done with the School Construction Corporation multi-billion dollar debacle.”

Karrow went on to assail Davy for not releasing the audits’ findings earlier.

Davy could not immediately be reached for comment.

Karrow demands Davy step down from education post