Kelly picks up Minuteman endorsement

Third district Republican congressional candidate Jack Kelly announced the endorsement of Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist today.

Gilchrist founded the anti-illegal immigration group whose members monitor the border with Mexico.

The endorsement underscores a policy disagreement between Kelly and Republican rival Chris Myers on whether we should build a fence along the length of the southern border. Kelly believes in the necessity of a physical wall, while Myers, a Lockheed-Martin executive, thinks that high-tech solutions are the way to go.

Kelly has hit Myers for sharing that stance with his employer, Lockheed Martin, which has bid on high tech border projects.

I am proud to stand with Jack Kelly in this primary battle because there is such a clear difference between him and his opponent when it comes to securing our borders,” said Gilchrist in a press rlease. “While Kelly’s opponent has stated opposition to building a fence because people will ‘dig under it’ I know Jack Kelly will take the issue of illegal immigration seriously when elected to Congress.”

Kelly picks up Minuteman endorsement