Kim Kardashian’s Sad Publicity Tactics

Yesterday, a shameless little press release landed in our Daily Transom mailbox, informing us of an incident that took place at Garden City Hotel in Long Island over the weekend. Apparently socialite and Reality TV star Kim Kardashian was caught in a stampede! As noted by Gawker, which cast a skeptical eye on the whole thing, there was allegedly a near riot of hundreds of 13-year-olds mobbing Ms. Kardashian.

The publicist wrote:

[Kim Kardashian] was was in the lobby of the hotel and was spotted by hundreds of 13 year olds from a Bar Mitzvah party that just ended. The young fans started to chase after her and boyfriend Reggie Bush. NYC Nightclub owner John JE Englebert of Suzie Wong saki lounge and Prime nightclub saw the stampede and reacted quickly by escorting her through a side door.

So we contacted the hotel to see if this stampede did in fact take place.

“There was a Bar Mitzvah on Sunday at the hotel and Ms. Kardashian was seen in the lobby with her boyfriend, Reggie Bush, her brother and his girlfriend, but it was definitely not hundreds of youngsters that chased after Ms. Karadashian,” said a spokesperson. “About 20 to 30 boys and girls were seen surrounding her in the lobby, but to say it was a stampede is probably inaccurate.”


So, it was just a few kids—one wonders if they’d ever seen her infamous sex tape?—celebrating a Bar Mitzvah on Long Island. Hardly something worth bragging about at all.

Kim Kardashian’s Sad Publicity Tactics