Kovner: Democratic Fight Is Over, On to the Main Event

I just spoke to Sarah Kovner, a longstanding Clinton ally who attended a fund-raiser for Barack Obama last night.

Kovner said she had not yet made a contribution to the Obama campaign, but she added, “I certainly will, as will everyone I know.”

Kovner, who said she had mostly focused her energies on Senate and Congressional races this year, is not ambiguous about her reasons for supporting Obama.

“Obama’s the candidate,” she said. “I’m a Democrat and I have been a Democrat for a long time and I want to win in November and I don’t want to continue a fight that isn’t a fight anymore. And David Axelrod is somebody I have known for a long time and I wanted to hear what he had to say.”

(Axelrod was the featured speaker at last night’s fund-raiser.)

Kovner, who helped run Eugene McCarthy’s campaign in 1968 with Harold Ickes, said she was impressed with the 50-state strategy Axelrod laid out.

“I think the party should settle on its nominee by the rules that it made and we should get on with it and take on McCain, who would be a total disaster for the country. I mean, he is worse than a continuation of George Bush if that is even possible. We just can’t afford that.”

“I’m very, very conscious of that,” she said. “And I am very anxious to get onto the main event.”

Kovner: Democratic Fight Is Over, On to the Main Event