Lance closes with compliments to opponents

MOUTAINSIDE – Sen. Leonard Lance goes for in-the-chamber gravitas in his closing remarks, and goes after Assemblywoman Linda Stender, the Democratic candidate for the 7th Congressional District.

After fielding blows from Roughneen, Whitman and Marks, Lance compliments them all for their various professional qualities, and makes positive comments about the other candidates, including Professor AD Amar and former Summit Councilwoman Kelly Hatfield.

"What I would like to think I bring to this race is experience in Trenton on the transcendent issue of our time – fiscal responsibility," says the state senator, who wants to take a shot at reducing the country’s $10 trillion debt.

He concludes by describing himself as the candidate who can provide the greatest general election contrast with Stender because he has a record that is most clearly divergent. Lance closes with compliments to opponents