Lautenberg sets up Web site tying Andrews to Bush/Iraq

Just in case you forgot that Rob Andrews was an early supporter of the Iraq War, incumbent Sen. Frank Lautenberg’s campaign set up a Web site to remind you about it.

The Web site prominently features a new take of President Bush’s 2004 reelection campaign logo, replacing Vice President Dick Cheney’s name with Andrews. Next to it is are the images of Bush and Andrews side by side.

The site also features the now famous picture of Rob Andrews attending the Iraq War resolution signing in October, 2002, and a month’s worth of press releases hitting Andrews on Iraq.

Lautenberg supported the war during his 2002 campaign against Republican Doug Forester, but about six after reentering the Senate after a two year hiatus, he became a vocal critic of Bush’s war policy. Andrews became a critic of the Bush administration’s Iraq policies two years later.

“The record is very clear: Rob Andrews helped write, promote and enable George Bush’s war. This website allows voters to see for themselves that Rob Andrews has been a consistent rubber stamp for the Bush Administration,” said Lautenberg spokeswoman Julie Roginsky.

Andrews responded that Lautenberg was “hiding behind Web sites” rather than talking about his own record on Iraq.

Lautenberg sets up Web site tying Andrews to Bush/Iraq