Lineup for May 14, 2008

Who is Rivka Galchen, M.D.? The author of Atmospheric Disturbances, which according to Leon Neyfakh is, "a winding, psychological quest story involving weather control, quantum theory, and an intricately calibrated, radically counterintuitive conception of space and time…" She also may be the new Thomas Pynchon. PLUS: The return of Mark Leyner; Sloane Crosley; Bob Miller; Jonathan Burnham.

Choire Sicha bravely asks, "Why can’t men write anymore?" According to Mr. Sicha, "A little penis, it turns out, can be a dangerous thing. But it’s not crazy at all to feel bad for the young male writers of our time, despite all they have done to us with their books. There are these legends that loom; all women, all terrifying."

John Koblin looks at the Dolans’ purchase of Newsday and notes, "The Dolans haven’t been known for their warm embrace of the media. Ask any Knicks beat reporter about life at Madison Square Garden (as we did for a November article in these pages), and you’ll get your share of war stories about Cablevision’s Moscow-like media policies."

Want more local news? Felix Gillette checks out WNBC’s looming 24-hour news channel serving the tri-state region. "Underlying NBC’s announcement is the theory that for too long, broadcast journalists have been a wasteful bunch. In the brave new world, every last scrap from the cutting-room floor promises to be picked up, mopped off, and served up on multiple, varied platforms, from the Internet to podcasts to the video screens in the back of taxicabs." Lineup for May 14, 2008