Lineup for May 28, 2008

Now that HBO has hired Tina Brown and Frank Rich for consulting gigs, Felix Gillette wonders, "So what’s next?" He also notes, "the truly free-range journalist-consultant—one with a broad editorial mandate to roam here and there gnawing lustfully on some projects while trampling others willy-nilly—remains a rare and exotic beast."

Speaking of television, Doree Shafrir meets Bravo’s Flipping Out host Jeff Lewis, "a deeply neurotic man who treats his staff like a dysfunctional family and has managed to turn his obsessive-compulsive disorder to his advantage."

John Koblin looks at this past week’s New York Times Magazine and writes, "Sex sells, of course—but this was not Maxim. And women writers in Manhattan could be forgiven for a slightly sickly feeling as they regarded the images. This again?" Plus: Slicing the SATC Pie.

Plus: Leon Neyfakh on Gossip Girl‘s creator’s next project; Irina Aleksander talks to Steven Brill about his blogging daughter, Emily; Will Heinrich chats with Jonathan Ames; Rex Reed sees Sex and the City; Spencer Morgan goes to camp and Choire Sicha goes to Fire Island. Lineup for May 28, 2008