McCain on Ellen, Campaigning ‘Boricua Style’

Obama is top secretly looking for a V.P. [AP]

Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz says Obama’s speech in Florida was "really disappointing." [Naked Politics]

John McCain went on Ellen and said he doesn’t believe in gay marriage. [Think Progress]

The House Ethics Committee is going to look into Vito Fossella’s arrest, but not until after his June 27 trial. [Daily News]

In Puerto Rico the candidates are campaigning "boricua style." [AP]

An upstate editorial board says, "[O]fficials must stop sending mixed messages where renewable energy is concerned." [Democrat & Chronicle]

Six new charter schools will be opening in Brooklyn. [Brownstoner]

Leigh Kamping-Carder reports on the kickoff of Hakeem Jeffries’ "Save the G Train" campaign. [The Real Estate]

At 2 p.m., David Paterson will be interviewed by Alan Chartock. [Northeast Public Radio]

In the comments section, NY DEM says Obama should go on an Appalachia listening tour. [Politicker]

Ariana Huffington, Elizabeth Edwards, Josh Marshall, Ben, Ana Marie Cox and others will be featured at this year’s forum on technology and politics in Manhattan on June 23 and 24. [Personal Democracy Forum]

McCain on Ellen, Campaigning ‘Boricua Style’