Morning Memo: We Have A Theory About American Apparel–They Like to Shock Us!

New Line Cinema and Radio City Music Hall are in a spat over whose fault it was that nearly 1,000 ticket holders were turned away at Tuesday’s Sex and the City premiere. Meanwhile some are saying that the film’s plot is based on the affairs of Ellen Barkin with Jonathan Tisch and Ronald Perelman. [P6]

Sharon Stone is sorry that she said the earthquake in China was "karma" for the country’s policies in Tibet. [AFP]

Tom Brokaw publicly bad-mouthed Madison Square Garden, but privately wants his season tickets back for his pal, Ralph Schlosstei. [P6]

Tyra Banks appears on the cover of The New York Times Magazine this Sunday; says she wants to be just like Martha Stewart. [The Cut]

When Michael Bloomberg‘s mayoral term is up, he’ll be headed to his home in the gated community of 300 mansions called Lyford Cay, located on New Providence Island in the Bahamas. Of course some may remember that he doesn’t have to abandon his post to go to the Caribbean. [P6]

American Apparel tells Woody Allen they were just joshing when they used his image for an advertising billboard. "American Apparel is certainly not marketing their casual wear to Orthodox, black hat rabbis," said the company’s lawyer. [NY Daily News]

Mischa Barton is reportedly so mortified over her role in You and I that she is pulling out of publicity for the film. [P6]

Ashlee and Pete Wentz are playing the last card in their coy publicity campaign–a.k.a. their marriage–by finally confirming pregnancy. [US Weekly]


  Morning Memo: We Have A Theory About American Apparel–They Like to Shock Us!