Obama Donor on ‘Loss of Face’ for Clinton Counterparts

On a day that the flow of superdelegates to Barack Obama continues, so does the movement of mid-level Clinton fund-raisers.

"There have been discussions in the Obama camp about reaching out to Hillary people — I have done some," said one Obama fund-raiser who will be bringing two Hillary supporters to an event tonight at the home of money manager Eric Schwartz. "There are going to be several Hillary contributors and mini-bundlers there."

Still, the Obama donor sounded a lot less sure about the prospects of Democratic-donor unity when it comes to the elite tier of Clinton bundlers.

"The people that wrote the note to Nancy Pelosi," said the donor, "I’m not sure they are ever coming over because there has been such a loss of face. I’m not sure they love Hillary so much but they are sure used to getting their own way. And not getting their own way just burns them." Obama Donor on ‘Loss of Face’ for Clinton Counterparts