Only Connect: Huffington Names Names

LAObserved’s Kevin Roderick points us towards W‘s profile of Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington. Writer Diane Solway spends some time with Huffington, whom the magazine calls Poster Girl (get it?), but we were just interested in all the other people mentioned by name. (Except in the case of Huffington’s household help and employees.)

Below, Arianna Huffington’s real world version of Facebook:

Norman Lear’s wife, Lyn (hiking with)

David Geffen (lunching with)

Nora Ephron ("a longtime friend"; "HuffPo investor")

Al Franken ("liberal poster boy"; debate partner)

Christina, 18, and Isabella, 16 (daughters)

A housekeeper and assorted assistants ("come and go")

Barry Diller (financier of 23/6)

George W. Bush (site’s "dishy, largely anti-" sensibility)

Hillary Clinton, King Abdullah of Jordan, Bill Maher (possible blog posters)

Tom Freston (friend)

Kenneth Lerer (site cofounder)

Ari Emanuel ("hardly laid-back Endeavor chief")

Willow Bay (editor)

Newt Gingrich ("ditched" by Huffington’s political conversion)

Michale Huffington (ex-husband)

Arnold Schwarzenegger (Governor of California)

Benazir Bhutto (former classmate at Cambridge University)

Howard Kurtz (Washington Post and CNN media critic)

Ron Meyer’s preteen daughter ("live-blogged the MTV Awards")

Tracey Ullman ("spot-on Huffington" impersonator)

Mark Felt (outed as Watergate’s Deep Throat)

Maria Callas, Pablo Picasso (subject of Huffington biographies, "both prompting allegations of plagiarism")

Bernard Levin ("celebrated London Times political columnist"; "love of her life")

Lord Weidenfeld (former book publisher)

William F. Buckley (party host)

Ann Getty ("then close friend, [who] set her up with Texan Michael Huffington")

John McCain ("among the biggest disappointments to" Huffington)

Tim Russert ("target")

Judith Miller ("former New York Times reporter)

Bob Woodward ("the dumb blond of American journalism")

Jerry Brown (dated Huffington)

Cory Booker (dated Huffington)

Only Connect: Huffington Names Names