Paterson: Clinton Showing Some ‘Desperation’

One of Hillary Clinton’s most prominent supporters, David Paterson, isn’t withdrawing his support, but said there’s some "desperation" on her part to claim a lead over Barack Obama in the popular vote.

Speaking on Northeast Public Radio this afternoon, Paterson said:

"Right now, Senator Clinton is saying that she has the popular vote and this should be determined by the popular vote. But that presumes that of the 450,000 votes that Barack Obama has, that you deduct 300,000 for what was her plurality in Florida, and then you deduct 200,000, which is Hillary’s vote in Michigan, not even counting the undecided vote. So in other words, you have to give Senator Clinton all of the votes in Michigan, like 200,000 to zero, plus 300,000, which is her plurality in Florida. And that is how she comes to the conclusion that she is the leader in the popular vote. So, I would say that at this point, we’re starting to see a little desperation on the part of the woman who I support and I will support until whatever time she makes a different determination."

The audio is here (Paterson makes those comments at about the 13:00 mark).

Liz’s take is here.

Paterson: Clinton Showing Some ‘Desperation’