Plastic Surgeons Are Way Lame at Soho House

Who does a doctor have to cut to get into Soho House these days? Turns out that even a plastic surgeons whose clients include the radio station Z-100 (He fixes people’s faces… For the radio!) has to fight to lie poolside near New York’s elite publicists and socialites.

Dr. Andrew Klapper tells New York magazine’s Beth Landman that after spending a year on the waiting list, he had his office manager ring the club’s membership supervisor, but was told "that they catered to an ‘artsy’ clientele and that he should join a society for doctors."

Kenneth Sullivan, the club’s gatekeeper, a.k.a. membership manager, told the magazine, "We would rather have a great person from IMG versus a plastic surgeon." (Don’t these people know that Mr. Klapper was one of Gotham magazine’s "Most Eligible Bachelors"?)

Mr. Klapper retaliated by writing some angry emails; the club reportedly bad-mouthed him to his sponsors. Yikes! And now the high society squabble might be taken up in court as Mr. Klapper is threatening to sue. Plastic Surgeons Are Way Lame at Soho House