Pundit Miserably Fails Pop Quiz on Live TV

Recently, Media Mob had a bad dream in which we found ourselves back in our high-school Latin class, facing a pop quiz on—let’s call it Cicero—and realized with growing dread that we hadn’t picked up a Latin book in ages, and were on the verge of wildly failing said test.

Speaking of failing to prepare, knowing nothing about the subject at hand, and being humiliated as a result … have you seen the above clip from yesterday’s Hardball on MSNBC?


Therein, Chris Matthews repeatedly asks radio host Kevin James—who was trying to make a point about Senator Obama and appeasement—to explain what exactly Neville Chamberlain did in Munich in 1938.

How’d poor Mr. James do on the pop quiz?

Let’s just say that if Mr. Matthews had asked Mr. James to recite in Latin the opening argument of the Pro Caelio, the flustered pundit probably would have performed just as well. "Your problem is, Kevin, you don’t know what you’re talking about," said Mr. Matthews.

[Via The Huffington Post.] Pundit Miserably Fails Pop Quiz on Live TV