Sabrin celebrates May 5th

Republican Senate candidate Murray Sabrin wants to wish you a happy May 5th – specifically not a happy Cinco de Mayo.

Sabrin plans to use the occasion – the date of the Mexican Army’s 1862 victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla – to rally his supporters against illegal immigration and outline his five point immigration reform plan at a press conference this afternoon in Mount Holly.

“The U.S. Constitution was written in English and these powerful words bind our nation together. As someone who immigrated legally to the United States as a boy whose second language was English, my family was proud to assimilate into American culture and learn English,” he said in a press release (Sabrin, the son of Jewish holocaust survivors, immigrated to the United States from Poland when he was two-years-old).

Sabrin said that he wants to make English the nation’s official language; further secure the Mexican and Canadian borders; end birth-right citizenship; force illegal immigrants who want to become citizens to return to their countries of origins first; and allow migrant workers who do not want to become citizens to stay but pay a fine and go through a background check.

Sabrin is running for the Republican nomination against former Rep. Dick Zimmer and State Sen. Joe Pennacchio.

Sabrin celebrates May 5th