Scott steers interlocutors toward toll hike issue

Moderator Eric Scott interrogates U.S. Rep. Rob Andrews on his support for Gov. Jon Corzine’s plan to increase tolls over a number of years by 800%. Does he still support it?, the debate moderator wants to know.

"No, because now the governor doesn’t support it either," says Andrews.

The congressman goes on to say that the statehas a whining problem. Politicians whine about problems but don’t do anything to solve them.

"The governor stood up and attacked the problem, my friend the senator sounded like Republicans who whined about the problem," says Andrews.

"I support Gov. Corzine," U.S. Sen. FrankLautenberg says. "The congressman jumped on the bandwagon with his support for toll hikes and slammed the commuters. I didn’t support it before and I don’t support it."

Scott steers interlocutors toward toll hike issue