Specs and the Suburbs! Square Pegs DVD Release Pegged … to Sex!

We know everyone is going through Sex and the City overload, but we just wanted to point out that Square Pegs, the 1980s CBS comedy that features Sarah Jessica Parker in tortoise-shells instead of peep-toes, was released on DVD this week… just in time for the Sex premiere.

The show started out with the typical teenaged girl stereotypes (the "smart girl," the "fat girl," the "mean girls," etc.) only to deconstruct them during the 19-episode series. (Hmmm, sounds familiar).

The Los Angeles Times writes:

Not surprisingly, the female characters are the richer ones, though they all begin, intentionally, in stereotypes. Patty (Parker) is the smart girl, more sensible than Lauren but also less sure of herself, making her ripe for her friend’s bad advice. Lauren, played by Linker in a fat suit and snap-on braces, lives in a romantic fantasy whose main outlet is Lauren — living vicariously. There is a certain Lucy and Ethel-ness to their relationship, with Lauren the main author of harebrained schemes that will supposedly increase their popularity.

Click the video above for a snatch of an episode that combines a Devo cameo with Sarah Jessica Parker delivering the line: “Someday when we’re old, and single, and living in a trailer court, we’ll laugh about this.” Oh, Carrie.

Specs and the Suburbs! Square Pegs DVD Release Pegged … to Sex!