Surrogate’s Candidates Split Support of Democratic Clubs

None of the Manhattan Surrogate’s Court candidates won big last night: two of three candidates each took an endorsement from a local Democratic club, while a third club opted not to endorse anyone.

John Reddy won the endorsement of the Ansonia Independent Democrats. According to a reader and club member, the vote breakdown was 56 percent for Reddy, 24 percent for Milton Tingling, and 20 percent for Nora Anderson.

Later that night, Anderson won the endorsement of the Samuel J. Tilden Democratic club, which is located in Assemblyman Brian Kavanaugh’s Lower East Side district. (Does anyone have the vote breakdown there?).

But the Community Free Democrats, a reform-oriented club on the Upper West Side, voted to make no endorsement whatsoever. (They did the same when voting on the Democratic presidential candidates last year.) But, according to a reader, Anderson got the second most amount of votes after "no endorsement," followed by Reddy and then Tingling.

UPDATE: Anderson’s adviser, Michael Oliva, thinks his campaign had a better night than I’m giving them credit for, and emailed to say, “I think last night’s results show that this is a dog fight and we have every intention if winning it. If you would have told me a month ago that we would have 5 club endorsements by now even I wouldn’t have believed you.”

Surrogate’s Candidates Split Support of Democratic Clubs