The Afternoon Wrap: Friday

Some people in the UES claim they were blackballed from Dunkin’s Donuts "Free Iced-Coffee Day" on Thursday. [Consumerist]

Morgan Stanley is rumored to be laying off a "double-digit percentage" of its New York City office next week. [Deal Breaker]

The Thompson Lower East Side, that shiny black hotel tower that has risen high over the LES for the past few years, is finally taking reservations beginning on July 15. [Down By the Hipster]

Shocker! Apartment brokers can at times be–er–overly assertive. [Metroblogging via City Room]

Canada got all the cool kids to go to their party last night, but may not have won many new friends. [Daily Intelligencer]

This apartment in Fort Greene is the year’s "finest example of depressing shoe-box living" and will hopefully inspire all those who’ve been putting off a home makeover. [Curbed]

Now that water rates will spike, that enviromentally degrading plastic bottle of water is looking more tempting. [City Room] The Afternoon Wrap: Friday