The Afternoon Wrap: Thursday

We can’t decide if pointing out this 2005 advertisement mocking the possibility of a housing bubble is funny or callous so we’ll let you decide. [Bubble Meter]

Why the housing market crisis is good for you. [Deal Breaker]

Double-decker buses may no longer be strictly the reserve of the British and New York City tourists. The M.T.A. is considering bringing them back for a retro, environmentally friendly Fifth Avenue pilot program. [City Room]

That Reg is such an everyman! The morning talk show host weighs in on a Plaza pad and a Harlem walk-up. [Curbed]

In a sign of the times, the Donald cut the asking price for his Palm Beach property from $125 million to $100 million, but it still ranks among the most expensive American homes. Here are some other trophy properties. [Forbes]

Marquee is the latest victim of the economic meltdown that might just deserve it. [Down By the Hipster]

Only dead fish go with the flow, so rather than follow the hordes out of the city this weekend have a “Staycation.” Here are seven themed, 72-hour tours through the five boroughs. [Time Out]

The Afternoon Wrap: Thursday