The Afternoon Wrap: Tuesday

Designer jean brands like True Religion and Seven for All Mankind–because all of mankind pays $150 or more for their jeans–are trying to reclaim New Yorkers’ derrières by expanding their retail presence in the city. [Racked]

Despite the broker’s best effort to find another buyer, any buyer, for an 8,300-square-foot hotel site in the Financial District, the McSam hotel group won with a record $56 million bid. [Curbed]

A couple of long-time tailors at the Chelsea Hotel opted for early retirement in Greece, rather than another rent-hike. [Living with Legends]

Apparently people are willing to shell out a minimum of $2,000 on average for a table at one of the Hamptons chicest nightspots. There’s nothing quite like a raucous, techno-rattled club to recharge your batteries after a draining workweek. [Down by the Hipster]

This report on how investment banks ignored warnings on home-loans from mortgage auditors is required reading for anyone who felt a twinge of sympathy for Bear Stearns after the fire sale to JPMorgan. [Deal Breaker]

Ask the rich, white locals. [City Room]

The Afternoon Wrap: Tuesday